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During this tour we visit various places of interest starting with the Reloj Solar or Sun Dial. We then continue to the viewpoint of Palpa and Nazca from which you can observe the Royal Family; a Paracas figure, the figure called Hands which was discovered by Maria Reiche in 1946 and the Tree; both Nazca Lines.
In the Maria Reiche Museum you can see the various instruments she used for the measurement of the Nazca Lines. Maria Reiche Newman was born in Dresden in Germany and dedicated most of her life studying, preserving and making measurements of the Nazca Lines. Besides the instruments you will see archeological pieces of the Nazca culture and her grave.
We will then visit the aqueducts which consist of many subterranean channels used by the Nazcas to get water. The aqueducts prove the high development in hydraulic engineering of the Nazcas. People in the region are still using these aqueducts today.
You will continue the tour to the “Paredones”. This is an archeological complex which flourished during the Inca period. It is built with adobe and served as an administrative center to control trade between the coastal area and the Andes area. You will see a big main square, depots and a ceremonial area.
You will visit the “Telar de Cantalloc” which is a figure representing a loom. You will see spirals and zigzag lines that appear to be textile work in manufacturing process. Because of their shape these lines are also called “The Needles” or “Tangles”. The majority of these lines are oriented from southeast to northeast and are distributed along the elongated shape of the ravine.
You will end the tour with the gold and ceramics process, an important economic source of income for this region. You will be able to see the process of the extraction of gold and other minerals which can be found in this region. You will see as well how the Nazca civilization made ceramics.
Inclusions will be considered under request as this tour is mostly for Private groups.

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