We want you to know why you have to choose Peru: 
There are three elements that make Peru a unique destination: its history, incredible nature and living culture and folklore. 

Ecologists think Peru is a treasure: 84 life zones, 1710 species of birds and 250,000 species of flora, these are some of the country's natural wealth. Its ancestral cultures are still living, with their customs, fiestas, costumes, food and way to connect with people from different countries.

Archaeologists are continually finding evidence of the remote past of innumerable pre-Columbian cultures. The country's colonial and republican periods have left a valuable heritage in a land that has always been a centre of power. 

In Peru you'll find new routes and destinations for different types of tourists.
In the last years, Peruvian and foreign investment have improved our tourist infrastructure considerably, complementing the country's attractions and making us one of the world's most competitive and best value destinations.

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